Friday, 10 May 2013

Irene and Bless

 I'm very happy today!
I will be spending the day with 
Irene and Harry .

We came home with her brother Harry
 at 8 o' clock and ...

this day I and Irene
went to sleep very early too
 because we were very tired!!!

 Early to bed ! 
We have race tomorrow........zzzz......

Good morning!!!
The Municipality of Pirgos  
in collaboration with the Regional Unit of Ilia 
and with the assistance  
of the Academy Classical Athletics of Pyrgos  
is organizing race road
in the city of Pyrgos 

I am here to see Irene and Harry  
is a long-distance running event.


We read a book together ...
... and then we went to bed!
Good night!!!

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