Thursday, 9 May 2013

Pagona and her friends

Sunday, 7 March

Me and Pagona

 The Municipality of Pirgos  
in collaboration 
with the Regional Unit of Ilia 
and with the assistance 
of the Academy Classical Athletics of Pyrgos  
is organizing Pyrgos Fun Run 
in the city of Pyrgos 

This popular road race
 is a professionally-run event.
 Hundreds of people of all ages, 
flood the streets of Pyrgos
with high spirits and energy, 
revealing a difference perspective of the city. Fun Run participants convey a message of togetherness, 
sportsmanship and the notion of "fair play". 
The Pyrgos Fun Run is not about speed.
 Its focus is participation. 
For this reason, all participants - 
not just the fastest - are winners.

Me, Pagona and her brother George

Me, Pagona and her brother George, Harry and Irene

Bless, Pagona and her little friend

My little friends

It was a wonderful day!!!


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