Friday, 10 May 2013

Bless Iraklis and Angelliki and Eleutheria

Me and Iraklis

I'm so happy!
I will be spending the day
 with Iraklis (Hercules),
 Angelliki (Angel)
and Eleutheria (Freedom)! 

Hello, everybody!!!

 Mmmm ... delicious!!!

Another horse...
it's like me...

We read together...

It's time to sleep...
Good night, Irakli!
Good night, Bless!
 Wednesday ,
Me and Angelliki

Good morning!
I love apples for breakfast. 

 Angelliki is a good friend!
Good night, Bless! 
Good night,  Angelliki
Good night, Eleutheria
Good night, Irakli!
Good night, John boy!!! 
("The Waltons"), you remember?

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